Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures have the ability to enhance the experience and usability of outdoor spaces. From small courtyard arbors, to massive open-air arenas, GH2 has designed a wide collection of outdoor structures globally—each responding to the user's needs.

Typically, outdoor structures are greatly enhanced by their ability to function for a variety of uses. GH2 excels at designing multi-use structures that have the ability to respond to both anticipated and unforeseen programs. Through protection in multiple forms shelter, shade, or tempered air, outdoor structures are able to increase patronage by offering comfort and extending use through the changing of seasons and weather conditions.

Visually, outdoor structures have the capability to strengthen an existing sense of place by responding to local context or reinventing a space by creating a new iconic identification. With the broad range of available materials in the current market the opportunities for today's outdoor structure is limitless.


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