City of Tulsa Central Center at Centennial Park

The new Central Center, part of the redevelopment of Centennial Park near downtown Tulsa, significantly improved
and expanded the existing park facilities. The facility accommodates programs and activities for 750 seniors as well
as various other community groups. The entire site was expertly planned, designed, and constructed with special
attention given to environmental considerations ensuring a maximum positive impact. This project mitigated potential
flooding problems as well as space constraints to create a functional, well-designed space that serves the entire
community. The Center offers a spectacular view of the Tulsa skyline and stunning view of the newly renovated
Centennial Park. It is a prime location for special occasions such as weddings, receptions, reunions, and community
events. Amenities include an auditorium, fitness center, visual arts room, commercial kitchen, and several meeting
rooms. The Vista Deck overlooks the new pond and is host to numerous outdoor events.

Some of the major exterior design elements include a scored masonry exterior with cast stone accents, site lighting
with historical precedent, and arched arcades. The interior includes custom exposed trusses constructed of a
combination of wood and steel, masonry pilasters, an array of specialty finishes and lighting, and an automatic day
lighting system. The new Central Center at Centennial Park is designed to accommodate a future second floor with
little demolition required



Tulsa, Oklahoma


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