Saint Cripsin's Summer Camp

Wewoka, Oklahoma

Saint Crispin's Summer Camp and Conference Center facilities located within the beautiful wooded hills adjacent to Highway 9 near Wewoka, Oklahoma are showing signs of wear after providing many years of service.

GH2 Architects provided master planning and design services to assist with defining the vision for the new facilities.

Through a series of interactive design work sessions held at the facility, GH2 engaged with the client and stakeholders to ascertain the needs, desires and goals for the summer camp and conference center. The design solutions address master planning and phasing, the design of the summer camp cabins and dining hall facilities, and an estimate of the project costs. GH2 prepared architectural renderings for fundraising of the master plan and the phase one improvements that include infrastructure and lake enhancements, a new facility highway entrance, new summer camp facilities and a new dining hall.

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