GH2 Office Renovation

Tulsa, Oklahoma

For its corporate headquarters in Downtown Tulsa, GH2 re-designed the 16th floor in the Historic 320 South Boston building. Prior to GH2, the floor was occupied by an insurance company for nearly 20 years, and the layout of the space was almost entirely 8’x8' offices with 8’ high ceilings. As part of the renovation, demolition went back to the structure, removing all the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's finishes, electrical, HVAC, and sprinklers, and opened the space for 360 degree views of Tulsa. Ceiling heights now reach 12 feet. The space was made as energy efficient as possible, with an emphasis on allowing an abundance of natural light. Artificial lighting was carefully selected to supplement the natural light.

Existing historic marble in the elevator lobby, entry way and main circulation corridor was incorporated into the contemporary design. In the studio, the design goal was to promote collaboration between staff members by creating an open layout without doors.

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