Greenleaf State Park Nature Center Rehabilitation

Braggs, Oklahoma

GH2 designed the stabilization and rehabilitation of the existing, historic 1,600 square foot Nature Center at Greenleaf State Park to be completed in two phases. The Nature Center was built by the WPA in the 1930's and was in desperate need of repair as the existing siding structure was deteriorating and windows were non-operable. The goal for the project was to maintain the historical characteristics of the facility, including the native stone masonry, while upgrading the MEP systems, structural integrity and providing new rustic interior finishes. Phase I of the project involved the stabilization of the nature center with new timber beams and a new Western Cedar log internal supporting column with the bark hand peeled and sealed to coordinate with the interior finishes.

Phase II included new windows, MEP upgrades, and new carefully selected rustic interior finishes. Also included in the design were a ground source heat pump, solar power water heater and rainwater collection system. The new Historical Cultural Gallery and Nature Center will provide a destination spot in Greenleaf State Park with live animal exhibits and fun for the whole family.

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