Oak Crest Elementary School Renovation and Addition

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

GH2 designed a major renovation and addition to the existing Oak Crest Elementary School. The existing two-story split level facility has access issues within the main facility and with several other buildings that are connected by exterior covered walkways. The new addition will provide enclosed paths of egress to all points of the building as well as a new modern media center, front office, cafeteria, music room, art room, and upgraded toilet facilities. Renovation of the existing classrooms will protect the architectural quality of the spaces while upgrading the HVAC, ceiling, and light fixtures.

The new addition has views in and out of the media center and will provide a single main point of entry for the public access to the campus. Careful coordination of the exterior skin of the new addition will help tie the existing buildings of different colors and materials together as one. The project is scheduled for completion in June of 2014.

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