Jenks West Elementary Renovation and Addition

Jenks, Oklahoma

GH2 provided full architectural services for the 65,000 square foot interior renovation of Buildings B & D and the 3,100 square foot classroom/learning lab addition to Building D on the Jenks West Elementary Campus. The renovation included an upgrade of all interior finishes, electrical upgrades including interactive presentation systems, and plumbing fixtures. In the main corridors, low ceilings and aging light fixture soffits were removed to open up large volumes of space and allow enhanced natural day lighting. Renovations of the main administrative offices and reception counters were also included in the projects. A demanding construction schedule of 90 days during the summer break was required for this project.

The building addition includes advanced lighting and presentation systems used in Jenks facilities. The unique, existing architecture style of the campus was closely studied and duplicated to make the addition look as if it were part of the original structure. New interior finishes were also matched to the proposed renovation of the adjacent existing structure.

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