Creekwood Elementary School

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Continuing work under the Broken Arrow Public Schools 2009 bond issue, GH2 designed a third new elementary school on undeveloped land near the existing high school campus at 61st Street. The floor plan follows the District’s desire to encourage alternative teaching methods and is based on the elementary school prototype developed by GH2 and the District administration. The project will provide approximately 90,000 square feet of space for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

The facility includes 32 pod style classrooms, eight special use classrooms—including art, music, and science, cafeteria, kitchen, main offices, clinic, media center and a full size gymnasium with stage and spectator seating. The site design includes multiple playgrounds, parent pick-up and drop-off areas, staff parking and a separate bus oval. GH2 gave careful consideration to the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the existing high school campus while designing the site layout, building shape and exterior finishes. This facility was completed July 2013.

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