Maintenance Facilities


GH2 has designed several vehicle and equipment maintenance facilities. Each project is unique and requires a different approach to make sure it meets the needs of the client. GH2 provided master planning and design services for the LaFortune Park Maintenance Facility for Tulsa County. The 4 building complex supports maintenance activities and provides storage of equipment and materials used to maintain the adjacent golf course and public park. There are four service bays with electric and air supply reels, equipment storage space and office workspace for 25 employees.

GH2 also provided master planning and architectural design services for the new ODOT Maintenance Headquarters Facility on a new site in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The project includes a salt storage shed, a headquarters building with maintenance shop, 20 bay equipment shed and an office with a multi-use conference room. The site was planned for ease of maneuvering, future expansion, and flexibility to meet the challenges faced by ODOT during normal maintenance and severe weather operations.

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