DHS CAP Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

GH2 worked with the Oklahoma Department of Capital Assets Management to implement their newly developed sustainability plan. The Department of Human Services Office Building at the Capitol Complex is the first full renovation completed using the sustainability plan and is now LEED Gold Certified. GH2 designed the renovation of this 11,427 square foot facility and helped write the grant application that funded the project.

Approximately forty-six percent of the energy used by the building now comes from on-site renewable energy sources including: solar tracking skylights which use a GPS device to track the sun and reflect light into the building; solar panels that have the capacity to generate 60 kilowatts of energy; and a wind turbine that can generate 10 kilowatts of energy for the building's use. Sixty percent of the existing building's materials were reused in the renovation. This facility is now one of the most energy efficient facilities the owned by the State of Oklahoma.

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