Benton, Arkansas

GH2 Architects provided a comprehensive master plan and conceptual design for the Central Arkansas Fairplex at Saline County, located in Benton, Arkansas. This Fairplex will serve the local community and region as a leader venue for a variety of events such as conferences, horse shows, rodeos, trade shows, community club activities, concerts, educational programs, and other community activities. The 60-acre project site is directly adjacent to Interstate 30 providing an excellent and highly visible main entrance into the complex. This location also allows for several commercial sites and a conference hotel supporting the many events at the Fairplex.

Once complete, the Central Arkansas Fairplex at Saline County will help establish Saline County as an event destination. It will not only improve the economic vitality of the area but also enrich the quality of life for the local population and provide expanded opportunities for community growth.

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