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GH2U is an internal program focused on the continued education and training of GH2 employees. We invest in the professional growth and success of all team members and use monthly GH2U sessions as a tool for all employees to continue their education across architecture, design, and professional development skills. Session topics range from technical topics like code analysis basics, marketing and business development, firm history, and beyond. During each monthly session, GH2ers meet over lunch while a GH2 employee gives each presentation to provide an engaging, fun, and diverse take on all the factors that go into being a part of a world-class architecture firm. 

In addition to the all-firm monthly GH2U sessions, each employee is assigned to a different working group made up of 5-10 team members. Within these groups, employees will meet to discuss and champion interoffice workings such as planning events, technology, employee retention, etc. At GH2, we honor the value and unique point of view every employee brings to the table and believe the most successful way to collaborate and grow as a firm is to ensure every voice is heard.