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Gateway Markers Coming to BA

The Gateway markers are a key priority of the city’s comprehensive plan

City of Broken Arrow – November 3rd, 2021

The Broken Arrow City Council unanimously approved the design recommendations for Gateway markers and an Iconic Structure that will identify Broken Arrow and welcome people to the city. 

The Gateway markers are a key priority of the city’s comprehensive plan to enhance the visual appeal and branding of the community, with strategic placement at primary points of entry into Broken Arrow such as highway interchanges and city boundaries. 

“It’s extremely important that we have an identity,” said City Manager Michael Spurgeon. “When you talk about iconic signage, those are the kinds of quality-of-life initiatives that people look for in your community, and want to be a part of your community.” 

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Council was presented with the designs of the Iconic Structure, Primary Entry Sign, Secondary Entry Sign, and Tertiary Entry Sign, along with the possible locations where the signs would be installed. 

The 60-foot-tall iconic structure would be made out of stainless steel, anodized steel, and carbon steel and include multiple arrows shooting skyward. It was designed to be the face of Broken Arrow and placed in a highly visible location, yet to be determined, to attract residents and tourists alike. 

“There will be people who come here who would not have come to Broken Arrow otherwise,” said Vice Mayor Christie Gillespie 

The structure would be adorned with lighting for nighttime viewing up close or when driving nearby. The lights can be programmed to reflect certain times of the year, such as red and green for Christmas. 

“This is that piece that identifies Broken Arrow and beautifies Broken Arrow, and as you’re coming in, you’re not seeing a bunch of industry, you’re seeing this special piece,” said Councilor Scott Eudey. “When you see this, it’s Broken Arrow. Here’s what it represents. Here’s why it represents. It’s a unifying piece.” 

Along with the Iconic Structure are various signs to be placed at entry points into the city based on the amount of traffic at those locations. 

Primary Entry and Secondary Entry signs would be made out of brick, stone, and metal, and like the Iconic Structure, would be outfitted with lights to illuminate the Welcome to Broken Arrow message each would have. The Tertiary Sign is made out of aluminum and will display the city logo sandwiched between Broken Arrow text. It would be attached atop a decorative pole. 

“Innovative projects like this will attract innovative people. Innovative people will attract innovative jobs, and innovative jobs will put this city at the top of the list,” said citizen Matt Griffiths. “Gateways is one of the many innovative projects coming to our city.” 

The City Council provided guidance to city staff to move forward with the project and focus its attention on the Iconic Structure first. 

“Once you have that, it ties and makes the rest of it make sense,” said Councilor Eudey. 

The Gateways project will cost approximately $3 million and will be paid for with 2018 GO Bond, Vision 2025, and Sales Tax Capital Improvement funds. 

“I think this signifies Broken Arrow as a class act,” said resident Ted McElroy during the presentation.