Tulsa, Oklahoma, 4 stories, 104 guestrooms, 11,000 sf of ground-floor retail

GH2 designed this custom Fairfield Inn & Suites located in the Tulsa Brady District, an arts, entertainment, and warehouse district in downtown Tulsa. The brick and stone exterior of the hotel is designed to fit seamlessly into the urban fabric of the surrounding area.

The first floor of the 70,000 SF building is primarily leased retail for two restaurants and a bar, but also includes a jump lobby, the pool and exercise facilities as well as the covered drop-off. The structure is a one-story concrete podium with three floors of wood framing above. The main lobby is on the second floor and is a completely custom layout. GH2 Interiors provided the interior design for this project.

This Fairfield is one of eight that we have designed for sites nationwide.

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