Santa Fe, New Mexico

GH2 developed conceptual design studies to "boutique", rebrand, renovate and expand the historic Santa Fe Hilton. Not only was the hotel's location historic, but a portion of the hotel occupies the original hacienda of one of Santa Fe's founding families.

The project includes the renovation of the entire facility, both interior and exterior, to give a unifying aesthetic that emulates Santa Fe's Pueblo Revival style. All guestrooms, the lobby, reception and waiting area were redesigned with new layouts, finishes and furnishings to accommodate a new marketing concept and hotel brand. The addition of an outdoor living terrace and seating area provides a new gathering space and a bar. The existing hacienda's renovation is divided into private spa suites, a bar, seating and a restaurant. The last phase of the project includes the addition of private courtyards for new Casitas.

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