• Sam Houston State University Equestrian Facility

GH2 provided pre-design services for new Sam Houston State University equestrian facilities to be located on Gibbs Ranch. The facilities will support academic studies in Equine Science and the men’s and women’s Rodeo Team, as well as a multi-purpose event arena to be constructed by a private partner.

The program calls for the facilities to be constructed in three phases as described below:

Phase I – University-Academic Core
Designed to meet the present and future academic needs of the University for the Equine Science Department and Men’s and Women’s Rodeo Team:
• Support and enhance the University’s academic standards
• Support world-class, multi-national champion Rodeo Team
• Create showplace facility designed to encourage continued growth and stature of academic programs and success of the Rodeo Team
• Design to allow successful construction and operation with or without the simultaneous construction of future phases
Phase II – Developer Additions
Designed to include a multi-purpose event arena and associated for profit facilities constructed by a private sector partner of the University
• Provide enhanced capabilities available to the University
• Design to be complementary with the academic activities while allowing appropriate segregation of both people and animals
• Design to allow construction simultaneous with the Phase I academic facilities or in a separate independently timed initiative
Phase III – Academic/Equine Research
Designed to include future facilities to allow the expansion of academic research in areas including Equine Nutrition and Physiology, Equine Reproduction, and Equine Rehabilitation.

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Project Facts
Location: Huntsville, Texas
Size: 30 Acres
Services: Programming, Master Planning, Schematic Design Services
Market: Equine, Education