• Oklahoma State University Equine Critical Care

GH2 Architects designed a new critical care wing addition to the existing Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. The new wing fulfills a much needed service to horses and foals requiring intensive medical and neonatal care.

There are approximately 1,600 in-hospital critical care cases each year at the OSU hospital that are currently are housed with the general equine population. The lack of a centralized, dedicated unit presented veterinarians and staff with many challenges in the care for critically ill horses and foals. These equine patients should be isolated since their resistance to infectious diseases is greatly compromised. GH2 designed a new centralized unit which addresses all the technical and mechanical difficulties inherit in their current arrangement.

Some of the highlights of the facility include:

Some of the highlights of the facility include: • Two 12 x 12 "Critical Care" stalls
• Four 12 x 16 “Mare- Foal" stalls: each stall is equipped with a full-view mesh divider so staff can safely work on the foal while the mare can still see and touch the foal
• Each stall is equipped with automatic waterers, floor drains, non-slip flooring, full-view mesh stall fronts, CCTV and infrared heaters • One 12 x 12 "Neuro" stall for head trauma patients
• Isolated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for extremely critical foals. The unit contains five foal stalls with padded foal mattresses, overhead track for equipment and fluids, medical gases, and a warm-air circulation system • Treatment Area complete with padded stocks and in-floor scales
• Central Nurse's Station
• Conference Room for client-veterinarian consultations
• Storage Rooms for hay, bedding, equipment and supplies with outside access for re-stocking and daily removal of manure and trash
• Large central aisle with non-slip flooring, floor drains, recessed hand wash sinks, overhead track and hoist for safe maneuvering of horses around the unit and pyramid skylights for natural daylighting

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Project Facts
Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Size: 4,600 sqft
Services: Design Services
Market: Equine, Education