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GH2 Equine Architects is the equine consultant to a local Tyler, Texas architectural firm and was selected to master plan and design the new home for the Park of East Texas, formally known as the East Texas State Fair. The project is located on approximately 240 acres in Tyler, Texas and will create a venue for a year-round campus for entertainment, equestrian operations, conventions and exhibits spaces, and the 96-year old East Texas State Fair.

Phase I of the development is for the equestrian park only.

The equestrian components include a Main Indoor Multi-Use Arena an arena floor of 150’ x 300’ which can host a wide variety of events such as horse shows, rodeos, concerts, trade shows, boat shows, and numerous types of indoor sports.  The arena can accommodate 4,500 fixed seating with expandable seating for an additional 1,000 people. In addition, seating on the arena floor will give the complex a seating capacity of 9,000. The Main Indoor Arena is adjacent an Outdoor Show Arena with an arena floor size of 150’ x 300’ with covered tiered seating for 1,000 people in addition to a VIP seating area at one end of the area. A large exhibition/ conference area is located at the front entry to the Main Indoor Arena and consists of several small individual meeting rooms, that can be opened into larger conference or banquet areas. The seating area is surrounded by a circulation concourse wide enough to allow vendor and exhibit booths during events.

Two covered 100’ x 200’ warm-up arenas support the two main show arenas.  Six 96-stall barns are connected with covered walkways so exhibitors can get from the stabling areas to the warm-up and main show arenas without going out into inclement weather. Each barn is equipped with wash areas and restrooms and covered exercise pens between each barn. A central exhibitors services building houses a stabling office, exhibitor lounge/concessions and a small commissary and laundry room.  A large covered barn is adjacent to the warm-up arenas and is open in order to accommodate additional stalls or arenas or livestock pens for the Fair.

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Project Facts
Location: Location: Tyler, Texas
Size: 240 acres
Services: Master Planning, Concept Design and Cost Estimating
Market: Equine, Civic & Government