• Marabet

Working as the equine consultant to CRJA, Inc., GH2 designed the comprehensive master plan for an International Equestrian Center for Egyptian Arabian Horses to be located in Sixth of October City, a New City suburb of Cairo.

Phase I of the development is for the equestrian park only.

In an effort to support the planned future growth in and around Sixth of October City, the project is envisioned to be a large, mixed-use development that would center around the relocation of the new El Zahraa Stud Farm, highlight the heritage of the Egyptian Arabian horse, create a unique experience that enhances tourism, and be economically sustainable over the long term. El Zahraa Stud (also known as the Egyptian Agricultural Organization) is the national registry in Egypt whose primary purpose has been the promotion and preservation of the pure Egyptian Arabians. The proposed Marabet development is envisioned to be:
• A unique sports, cultural and entertainment destination for both residents and visitors • A demand generator that serves as an economic catalyst for future development • A mechanism to further enhance the Egyptian Arabian breed • An opportunity to improve and increase the equine business industry within Egypt
This fully integrated 2,000-acre equestrian, entertainment, retail, residential and tourism development includes the 300-acre El Zahraa Stud Farm, a heritage center dedicated to the Egyptian Arabian, an international calibre racecourse, one of the largest equestrian centers in the Middle East, polo club, the region’s most advanced equine medical and surgical centers, private farm estates, exclusive villas and townhomes, a 5-star boutique hotel set amongst the farm estates, and village centre.

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Project Facts
Location: Sixth of October City, Cairo, Egypt
Size: 2,000 acres
Services: Master Planning and Design Services
Market: Equine