• Florida Horse Park

GH2 worked with the Florida Horse Park Board and various stakeholder and community groups to design a comprehensive Facilities Program, Master Plan and Conceptual Design which will serve as a development guide for the future growth of the park. The planning process was guided by a brand vision study from the innovative IDEO and a market analysis report from Crossroads Consulting Services.

The proposed Master Plan includes a world class show and event core for European and Western disciplines, an educational and community component, a camping component that offers a wide variety of camping options and experiences and an outfitting component to serve as a hub for exploring the Cross Florida GreenWay.

The master planning process created the foundation from which GH2 developed a series of conceptual building plans and elevations. These facilities include the event plaza and arenas, barns and related competitor amenities, an educational and community building, outfitter facilities for retail and rental, concessions and rest room pavilions, and maintenance and service buildings. GH2 explored several conceptual aesthetic styles for these facilities and the chosen style by consensus from the Florida Horse Park board and stake holders is a traditional rural southern style known in Florida as cracker style architecture. Various signature buildings on the site may be developed in a decorative southern Victorian style indicative of more affluent traditional structures.

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Project Facts
Location: Marion County, Florida
Size: 500 acres
Services: Programming, Master Planning and Conceptual Design Services
Market: Equine