MidAmerica Career Center

GH2 won an invited design competition organized by MidAmerica Industrial Park for the design of the new MidAmerica Career Center. This innovative project involves the transformation of an existing vacant industrial structure into a state-of-the-art facility that will support the mission of the MidAmerica Industrial Park by providing career planning and technical training for a variety of students.

A large STEM laboratory, designed to serve area high school students, will have the infrastructure to support a variety of STEM programs, including robotics. The facility will also include conference spaces, classroom and laboratory spaces, a career pathways exhibit for companies housed at the MidAmerica Industrial Park, an audio-visual room, and a student lounge and food court.

In addition to the MidAmerica Career Center, OSU Institute of Technology and Northeast Technology Center will occupy major portions of the facility and will offer technical classes.

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