Verdigris Early Childhood Education Center

Verdigris, Oklahoma

GH2 designed the new Verdigris Early Childhood Center working closely with school staff to make sure the facility met the needs of children at the pre-kindergarten level. This 15,000 square foot, 10-classroom facility, incorporates a playful palette of vibrant colors and natural materials. The selected materials, colors and window arrangements make the space active and appropriate for children.

A focal point of the project is a new multi-purpose room, which is naturally illuminated using clerestory and north-facing window units. The room is designed to accommodate a variety of functions including physical education activities, extra-curricular functions, public events and a remote cafeteria space. The entire facility incorporates many of the latest technological advances for school facilities, such as digital smart boards and enhanced lighting controls. The exterior playground uses natural terrain and native plant material that allows the children to explore and play in a secure area directly outside the multi-purpose room.

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